Team TX Speed started out a great 2014 season with a bang at the Motorsports Ranch of Houston on January 17th through 19th. It almost seems like an annual tradition for team Tx Speed to be in the front running. Jay Matus started out the weekend in his black Porsche 911 and won all four races of the 2014 season opener. Saturday afternoon a gentleman named Ryan Rounkle approached Jay and our crew chief, Mark Evans. They started talking about racing and how Ryan just started. Ryan drives a white Porsche GT3 and was driving in the GTS3 class, until Jay urged him to switch into the GTS4 class alongside of him. From there, Jay and Mark decided to take him under their wing to show him the ropes. Right after meeting Ryan, they knew that he would be a great addition to Team TX Speed.

After qualifying Saturday morning, this put Jay in the front of the pack to start race number one. He went on to win the race with his best time of 1:37:1. Race number two is where it got a little more interesting. Ryan joined the race and started at position number 8 and had a lap best of 1:43:3. At this point, he was there for competition licensing but eventually moved up to officially join race number three on Sunday afternoon. Mark Evans saw there were quite a few “small” adjustments that could be made. He reset the shock settings and canister pressures to Ryans car along with resetting the sway bars. In addition to those setting changes, Jay offered to switch the tires he was racing on to use his slicks to see if it could make a difference in his lap time. After the adjustments, tire change and tips from Jay, he was able to cut four whole seconds from his best lap time. The whole team was ecstatic about the improvements they had already seen from Ryan’s driving. We were definitely rooting him on the whole way and we were even able to get some live footage from the races all weekend, one of which where he almost lost control but because of his amazing driving skills he was able to pull it out and regain control. It was definitely an exciting thing to watch and we are so excited to have him part of our racing team.

Our team is committed to delivering a winning experience and at the same time keeping it fun. Our team currently works together on an everyday basis to make sure we come up with the best possible decisions for each one of our drivers. We’re looking forward to a great 2014 season and can’t wait to see what accomplishments we can achieve this year.

Be sure to check us out at our next event coming up April 25th through the 27that Texas World Speedway in College Station, TX. Without the help and generosity of our sponsors these events wouldn’t be possible so we would like to extend an extra thank you to those responsible for our racing success.

  • Hoosier Racing Tire – Provides a competitive edge to Team TxSpeed with their Tires Designed for Champions and the personal service provided by Hoosier employees offering outstanding set-up advice
  • VP Racing Fuels – Fueled by VP’s 109 Motorsport, the acceleration and efficient burn rate aids Team TXSpeed in “Makin’ power”.
  • DriverSource of Houston – They ensure that the TxSpeed racecar is tuned for optimal performance and providing the right type of power and torque for a Championship Team. DriverSource is a unique concept of sales, service, storage, detailing, and racing support; tailor-made to the enthusiast automotive lifestyle. With an extensive showroom of high line luxury, sports, exotics, classics and collectibles; a full fledged service department and secure car storage all in one facility, DriverSource is sure to cater to all your needs.
  • California Motorsports of Arizona is Team TxSpeed’s “go to guys” for the Porsche’s transmission repair, rebuilding, service, support and development.
  • AWE Tuning – AWE’s Performance Engineering for German Autos, continuing product innovation and support keep Team TxSpeed at the fore front of winning.
  • OG Racing for excellent attention to customer service and product delivery that aids TxSpeed in success.
  • EFX Auto Body – Owner Mark Evans is not only Team TX Speed’s crew chief he is also responsible for keeping our cars in “show car” condition. He is an expert in race car body work in Houston, TX.