Motorsports Marketing


Delivering the Winning Experience.

J&S Matus Motorsports, Inc. possess the reputation and experience of successful business development and marketing within the motor sports community. We intend to leverage our knowledge and abilities to increase your exposure in the market place and create more loyal customers.

Texas Speed Racing

Fourteen (14) Years of Experience with Delivering The Winning Experience

  • Race Team: Developing Team TxSpeed Racing, a Porsche race team with National and Regional Championship achievements and sights keenly focused on future Championships
  • Event Creation/Promotion: Creating and evolving “The Texas Mile” into the global leader of “One-Mile Top Speed Venues”
  • Motor Sports Franchise Development: Launched and developed the Texas Region of the National Auto Sport Association providing NASA National with a strong customer base to carry the organization forward
  • Merchandising: Expanding branding efforts and revenues spent within our business by offering motor sports merchandise through “Republic Gear”, our merchandising division
  • Project Integration: Leveraging our team management and events production skills and resources to other motor sports organizations, engineering firms and the oil/gas industry for project management through our division, Texas Project Integrators.

When two race drivers speed down the straightaway side by side at over 150 MPH, neither willing to surrender the advantage, then dive into the first turn only inches apart, everyone watches, including your potential customers.

Business more often than not can be like racing. You have competitors. We have competitors. We are both proven winners; Customers buy from winners!

Texas Speed Racing

The Team:  Proven Winners

2014 Expansion and Goals:

We hope to win the NASA National Championship as well as gain new successes in World Challenge. Our two car team with Jay Matus and Ryan Rounkle will compete in both NASA and PCA events in 2014. Check out the schedule page to see where we will be.

2013 Team Accomplishments:

  • Team consisted of one finely engineered Porsche Racecar
  • Jay Matus won 3rd place in GTS-4 at the NASA National Championship

2012 Team Accomplishments:

  • Team consisted of one finely engineered Porsche Racecar
  • The team to beat in GTS-4
  • Was in the position to win NASA Nationals before we were involved in an accident during the championship race.

In 2010, Team TxSpeed continued to dominate NASA’s GTS-3 category of Road Racing

  • Won Texas Regional Championship Title
  • Won National Championships at Miller Motorsports Park.

2012 Expansion and Goals:

  • Team consists of one finely engineered Porsche racecar
  • The team to beat in GTS-4
  • Program includes NASA Pro Racing Competitions for Regional Championship and the NASA National Championships at the Mid- Ohio Sports Car Course.

Texas Speed Racing

The Driver:  Jay Matus

  • Experience in standing mile racing, drag racing, auto cross and road racing, in both amateur and professional divisions. Jay has experience in standing.
  • Jay has had several championship and podium finishes both regionally and nationally with several different sanctioning bodies with many different types of motor sports venues.

This is a very influential position with fellow drivers. People want to use the products and services that make Team TXSpeed winners.

Texas Speed Racing

The Team: Satisfied Partners

  • Hoosier Racing Provides a competitive edge to Team TX Speed with their Tires Designed for Champions and the personal service provided by Hoosier employees offering outstanding set-up advice.
  • VP Racing Fueled by VP’s 109 Motorsport, the acceleration and efficient burn rate aids Team TX Speed in “Makin’ power”.
  • DriverSource of They ensure that the TxSpeed race car is tuned for optimal performance ad providing the right type of power and torque for a Championship Team. DriverSource is a unique concept of sales, service, storage, detailing, and racing support; tailor-made to the enthusiast automotive lifestyle. With an extensive showroom of high line luxury, sports, exotics, classics and collectibles; a full fledged service department and secure car storage all in one facility, DriverSource is sure to cater to all your needs.
  • California Motorsports of California Motorsports of Arizona is Team TX Speed’s “go to guys” for the Porsche’s transmission repair, rebuilding, service, support and development.
  • OG Racing for excellent attention to customer service and product delivery that aids TX Speed in success.
  • EFX Auto Body is responsible for keeping our cars in “show car” condition. An expert in race car body work in Houston, TX. Mark Evans is also Team TX Speed’s Crew Chief.
  • SPL Parts – From full racing to high performance street applications, SPL Parts suspension products provide adjustability and increased performance for custom alignment needs. SPL Parts is dedicated to helping team TX Speed with all of its suspension needs.

We provide experiences with our products and services that create a positive following of individuals that want to have what is offered through our brands. These individuals also become our loyal marketing force. J&S Matus Motorsports, Inc. is positioned to offer your business a unique marketing opportunity geared to attract clients beyond the traditional sponsorship avenues.

Exposure to be Delivered to Your Business

  • Championship Porsche Team: Your business graphics displayed on our car.
  • Team Web Site: Banners and Advertising Page for your business
  • Action and Event Photos provided each month for promotional use
  • Leverage The Texas Mile: Collaborate with you on promotional and sales campaigns within the Land Speed Racing community

Texas Speed Racing

What Others Say

  • Moton Suspension Technology, Lex Carson (Head of North American Division) – “Team TX Speed has proven themselves as Champions beyond their podium finishes. They concentrate on providing a professional image in all their endeavors. Of all the teams in the world, this team is top on our list with whom we enjoy supporting. We are proud to have them representing our brand.”
  • AWE Tuning, Todd Sager (President) in response to results provided to AWE – “AWESOME!!! You guys are so great to partner with! Excellent work!”
  • Automobile Magazine – Recent independent support of our ability to develop brand following came from their January 2011 article “The Texas Mile”. The writer stated, “I’ll remember the Texas Mile as a first-rate experience. Organizers, Jay and Shannon Matus, have created a fresh and fun category of motorsports with easy access for the speed hungry. And because this event takes place in Texas, there’s a universal spirit of camaraderie long gone from other forms of racing.”

Motorsports marketing has experienced tremendous growth in the decade of the 90’s and now into the year 2003. Contributing factors include:

  • Popularity of Motorsports;
  • Abundant, versatile and creative avenues utilized to “touch” potential clients and solidify relations with existing customers and employees;
  • Ideal demographics coupled with growth in participation and fan base;
  • Loyalty and patronage to those involved in Motorsports; and
  • History of positive results for marketing partners.

According to survey’s conducted by U.S. News & World Report, auto racing is now America’s #1 rated spectator sport. These published surveys also showed auto racing as a leader in paid attendance, with only baseball (including professional and amateur) showing higher attendance levels than auto racing. Auto racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in the United States with an annual attendance figure for all forms of racing exceeding 80 million.

In addition to on-site spectator attendance, auto racing attracts television sports viewer-ship at a higher percentage rate than baseball, hockey, basketball, college football, golf, tennis, bowling, and horse racing. Depending on which survey you read, auto racing ranks either first or second to soccer as the most popular sport in the world. This rapid rise in popularity is due in most part to worldwide television exposure, which in turn, attracts a variety of corporate sponsors.

These marketing partners are discovering that Motorsports lends itself to exceptional opportunities that attract new clients, offer increased value to existing customers and improve employee relations. Partner programs can be used to achieve varying marketing and advertising objectives, including:

  • Reach new segments of the consumer market, and/or strengthen existing market sectors through positive association
  • Create co-op marketing and advertising opportunities
  • Provide VIP entertainment
  • Improve trade relations
  • Employee incentive/reward program
  • Increase direct and indirect consumer awareness
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Provide team building opportunities among employees
  • Create excitement and increase interest about products/services
  • Create business-to-business opportunities with key co-sponsors, series manufacturers and participants
  • Create co-operative sales and advertising programs

Texas Speed Racing

Enhance image as a leader in the Motorsports world.

The exposure avenues utilized in these programs can include:

  • National and local broadcasts
  • National and local print advertising
  • Internet advertising and interactive communications
  • Proactive client lead generation
  • Special displays and product/service demonstrations
  • Point of purchase materials
  • Regional and national trade shows
  • Driver and team appearances for both national and regional events
  • Corporate hospitality for employees and VIP clients.

The drastic increase in popularity of road racing and Motorsports has brought about a major change in the makeup of the typical racing fan over the last decade. Today’s demographics of the road racing audience support a wide array of products and services. Statistics reveal that these figures should remain consistent over the next decade. More and more companies with appeal to males and females, as well as families, have chosen racing as a “smart” promotional tool and a long-term commitment.

Today, the gender demographic of a race fan is almost equally split between males and females, with a majority of this demographic being in the all-important 21-49-age bracket. This is the major buying public for every product/service.In addition to outlining the major demographic components, studies and surveys have revealed the intense loyalty that fans express to those involved in supporting the sport.

64% of Motorsports fans claim to purchase a sponsor’s product over a non-sponsors product. 71% of Motorsports fans frequently, or almost always, would switch brands to support auto racing! Compare that to 38% for the NBA and NHL, 36% for the NFL, and 28% for the Olympics.

Texas Speed Racing

Demographics of the Road Racing Audience:

  • 82% of road racing club members own their own home; and
  • 65% own three or more automobiles.
  • Gender: Male: 59.3%; Female: 40.7%
  • Education: No HS Grad: 3.9%; HS Grad: 28.4%; Some College: 31.9%; College Grad: 35.4%
  • Age: Under 21: 18.9%; 21-29: 28.8%; 30-39 32.1%; 40+: 20.2%
  • Income: Under $15,000: 4.6%; $15,000-$24,999: 10.2%; $25,000-$34,999: 15.9%; $35,000-$49,999: 19.4%; $50,000-$74,999: 21.3%; $75,000+: 24.6%; No Answer: 4%
  • Members Profession (Car Club statistics): Student: 8%; Sales/Promotion: 10%;
  • Manager/Proprietor: 18%; Professional: 39%; Other: 25%; No Answer: 4%

Joyce Julius & Associates ( specializes in tracking the success of sports marketing programs. Based on over eighteen years of research, Julius stated in an article for USA Today, “Dollar for dollar, auto racing is the best bargain in sports marketing.” Their research shows that racing sponsorship is the most economical means of reaching a specific market demographic.

Whether it is a large corporation or a local business, increasing positive results have led to increasing sponsorships at all levels of auto racing. The exposure a business gains through Motorsports marketing is virtually immeasurable. It allows a business to reach an exciting, loyal and lucrative group of consumers – race fans.

Race fans are incredibly loyal to the products and companies that support Motorsports. Fans realize the necessity for racing sponsorships and they know that a sponsor’s financial input will be passed along to drivers in the way of participation. Recent polls show that 73% (seventy-three percent) of racing fans say they are influenced to buy one product over another because of its’ sponsorship in Motorsports. This amazing fact shows how loyal race fans are and how, important a role Motorsports Marketing Partnerships plays in a total marketing program.

Increasing the bottom line is the main goal of every corporate sponsor, whether through the racing fan’s association with a brand or product, or by on-site entertainment of corporate customers, every sponsor is attempting to increase corporate awareness, and ultimately sales, through positive association to their corporate name.

The involvement (in some manner) of nearly every industry is a testament to the positive results Motorsports Marketing Partners reap.

Texas Speed Racing

Companies Involved in Racing Sponsorship:

Traditional automotive related companies, beer and tobacco companies continue to participate as well as a rapid increase of consumer product companies such as breakfast cereal, batteries and film. High-Tech consumer product companies, Internet based companies, and all sorts of Information Technology companies are realizing the advertising value of automobile racing. Other consumer service companies who have joined these sponsors include video rental chains like Blockbuster Video, cable networks such as The Family Channel, and travel destination companies such as Norwegian Cruise Lines and Universal Studios theme parks.
Historic Motor Sports Corporate Sponsorship

Listed below are just a few other high-profile companies that support motor sports. The smaller to medium size businesses are finding that they can capitalize on the “big-dollars” spent by these National and Global Corporations to gain great exposure opportunities for their businesses.

Dell, Compaq, IBM, Lycos, Yahoo, Motorola, Red Bull, Calvin Klein, Apple, Team Seattle (children’s hospital charity), Home Depot, Lowe’s, M&Ms, MGM Grand, Alta Vista, The Family Channel, Blockbuster Video, NFL Properties, Burger King, Baby Ruth Candy Bars, Big Boy Restaurants, Coca-Cola, Domino’s Pizza, Gatorade, Hard Rock Café, Hershey Foods, Hot Wheels, Hyatt Resorts, McDonald’s, No Fear Gear, Oakley Sunglasses, Oscar Meyer, Otter*Pops, Planet Hollywood, Polaroid, Kodak Film, 7UP, “Racing for Kids” (charity), Snickers Candy, Squirt, Taco Bell, Tide Detergent, D.A.R.E. “Say No to Drugs” (charity), Target, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Club Med, Sega, Tobacco Free America, J.C. Penney, AMC Theaters, Jolly Rancher Candies, Sara Lee, Country Time, Hardee’s Restaurants, Kellogg’s, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mello Yellow, RC Cola, Lucas Film, Maxwell House Coffee, Dirt Devil