The Exposure Program

These programs are combined into “combo” marketing packages or can be delivered a la carte in exchange for money or products based on package value.

Exposure to be Delivered to Your Business

  • Be identified as a partner with a championship Porsche car race team: Your business graphics displayed on the car
  • Promote your products/services, dealers and/or distribution partners through the TxSpeed Racing web site.
  • Team Web Site: Banners and Advertising Page for your business
  • Blog Page on web sites for Tips of the month, etc.
  • Produce Monthly Blogs / Press Releases and Post Race Blogs / Press Releases with sponsor announcements / Your business can modify to utilize on your sites and press releases
  • Promote your products/services at the events, shows and festivals we conduct and at those in which we compete
  • Distribute your Marketing Materials
  • Provide Product Demonstration and Promotional Area
  • Exhibit your company, distributor, dealer and/or product banners
  • Provide event hospitality area for you to host your clients, prospects, employees, distributors, dealers and/or business-to-business partners
  • Display Logo’s, web sites and contact information on Race Car Trailer/Support Vehicles – Moving Billboards that will travel over 15,000 miles of highway in 2011 and be present at the events, shows and festivals we conduct and at those in which we compete. New High End Pace American 52’ Foot Trailer.
  • Recognize partnership is press releases, interviews, articles, newsletters and all announcements
  • Develop a sweepstakes program that assists in building you a database of quality prospects
  • Provide Appearances of race car(s) and team members for use at promotional events occurring at the locations of your stores, distributors and/or dealers, conventions and car shows
  • Display company, distributor, dealer and/or product logos on event worker and team uniforms, helmet, t-shirts, racing suit and other apparel
  • Allow the utilization of images, video and pictures from our events, car and event/team personnel to promote your company, distributor, dealer and/or product names in other sources of advertisement and media such as your web sites, magazine advertisements and T.V ads
  • Assist in the creation of merchandising apparel and materials that promote the partnership we would share
  • Leverage The Texas Mile: Collaborate with you on promotional and sales campaigns within the Land Speed Racing community
  • Ability to collaborate with your company personnel on other marketing opportunities, the potential is endless

Texas Speed Racing

To inquire about a partnership package for your business, please contact:

Shannon Matus, Team Manager
4327 Steffani Lane, Houston Texas, 77042
Phone:  281-802-9863 | Send Email